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Everly Dental

Finding the best dentist is no easy task. As a patient, you want not only an experienced, talented dentist who you can trust, but also a friend who you can count on to look out for you and your family’s health and well being.

Jerry Yu

I come from a family of dentists, yet I didn’t have the best of teeth and went through a fair share of problems and procedures. Since then, I have tried to make getting dental care comfortable, simple, and as gentle as possible.

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David Ouellet

I am originally from Boston and graduated from Georgetown University in Washington DC. I have been in Santa Maria since 1978. I have always had a passion for cosmetic dentistry and strive to deliver beautiful smiles without shots and without grinding down teeth.

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Israel Armijo

I grew up in Calimesa, CA and attended college at UCLA. From there I attended dental school at Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, completing my doctorate in 2010 as well as a Masters of Public Health at the same time. I enjoy dentistry because it allows me to meet new people each day and help them along the way.

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Xinyi Yu

I’m a graduate of the University of Buffalo School of Dentistry in New York. I have been in Santa Maria California since 1997 and have been practicing in town for almost 20 years at a location close to St. Mary’s Church. I try to make dentistry as relaxed and gentle as possible. I really enjoy travelling and taking a lot of photos.

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